Visit of Spanish influencers to Greece as part of the Frozen Seafood Promotion Program

Iñaki Lamúa and Mario Yébenes visited Greece as part of the Frozen Seafood Promotion Program for a three-day tasting and acquaintance with frozen seafood.

The 2 influencers visited a Frozen Seafood production facility and first learned about the high-quality standards and corresponding quality certifications of the fishing processes, direct freezing on the vessel, transport, processing and packaging in modern factories using ice to learn that the frozen seafoods are also fresh and all the nutrients remain unchanged, just as they were caught and frozen.

They then visited iconic archeological sites in Athens, learning about important historical events and touring the city’s picturesque neighborhoods. In the process, they gathered images and experiences that enriched their content and made it completer and more attractive to their audience.

The three days ended with a high-level culinary experience. The invited guests had the opportunity to taste gourmet dishes based on Frozen Catches, which was also the main content they conveyed to their audience. The taste test and the «introduction» to the world of frozen seafood took place at Balthazar, the emblematic restaurant in the heart of Athens. The tasting menu was created by Christoforos Peskias, the main ambassador of the program and celebrated chef.