Participation of Frozen Seafood in Piraeus Taste Festival, Seafood and More

The Piraeus Gastronomic Festival, Piraeus Taste Festival, Seafood and More, was held in the Municipality of Piraeus from September 21, 2023, to October 1, 2023.

The aim of the festival was to highlight the culinary identity and relative contribution of the city, as well as the comparative advantages of seafood.

In the framework of the festival, numerous parallel events took place in different parts of Piraeus, of which the Frozen Seafood Program participated in the event “Gastronomy and Flavors of Greece”.

On the opening day, the General Director of Strategic Development of Foreign Trade of Enterprise Greece, Mr. Ioannis Retsas, visited the stand and welcomed the Mayor of Piraeus, Mr. Yiannis Moralis and his staff. Mr. Retsas carefully informed Mr. Moralis about the program and the high quality of the Frozen Seafood, while offering him and his colleagues unique frozen seafood dishes that bore the stamp of the program in the best possible way and at the highest level.

Frozen Seafood’s stand was fully occupied throughout the festival. The promoters informed the public by distributing printed information material and inviting them to participate in a short quiz.


Cooking events were held at the Frozen Seafood booth, as chefs Christoforos Peskias and Iakovos Apergis were on site, and specialized catering was available. Thus, the public had the opportunity to try dishes with frozen seafood.